Employment Law


Business and the law

No matter the size of your business, it faces legal challenges every single day.

From contracts with suppliers, clients and employees and any dispute that may arise from them, to disputes with council’s or changes in legal regulations that affect your industry or area.

Potentially your business may have a trademark or some other intellectual property to protect.

The problem is that you don't have a legal team that covers all of these legal issues that also understands CASHFLOW for early stage startups or SME's.

If this sounds like you contact us.

Tim Horne (Horne Legal)


Business legal health check

Having a legal support offering on demand, without the need for recruiting an expensive in-house counsel is the most cost effective way forward.

Thats is why we have created a tied approach depending on where your business is at:

For small businesses

  • Express Legal & Risks Business health check $750

Review of current documentation and identification of outstanding matters to provision of template documents to build your own business document suite.

  • Legal & Risks Business health check $1,250

Complete audit of legal documents and creation of bespoke documents for your business.

For larger businesses

  • Full legal system review for a fixed fee that is paid over the course of 12-24 months and includes access to a lawyer for queries.

To enquire about any of the above services contact us.


The Full Suite

The SaucedIt legal partners assist with all types of Legal and HR support, such as:

  1. Business suite of documents – consistent contracts, policies and guidelines for all aspects of the business;
  2. Employee management (formal notices and performance improvement management strategies);
  3. Employee off-boarding (termination, restraints of trade);
  4. Employee disputes (ie. Harassment, breach of employee duties/obligations and/or policies);
  5. Confidentiality issues with employees and other organisations (NDA reviews etc);
  6. Staff training and legal updates on changes in the law and business practices;
  7. Contract reviews (for all types of contracts not just employment);
  8. Enforcement of agreements and/or collections of debt; and
  9. Trademarks, copyright and IP protection.

If you are interested in requesting a business legal health check, please contact us with the following so that we can provide you with a fee estimate.