Safety Videos


Barriers to learning and Employers responsibilities

Most companies implement English-only WHS policy documents to ensure information is easily shared in a common language. However in global companies this can present real problems, as English is not universally understood.

Also, just because someone can speak a language does not mean they are completely fluent or can read or even have the ability to fully process information provided to them in the workplace.

In addition to the language barrier that can exist in a multi-cultural workplace, employers should also be aware of any literacy issues amongst their employees and contractors. The inability to read, or to read only poorly, can mean that workers don’t understand their OHS obligations.

Again as clearly stated in the WHS, if you’re an employer, you need to provide the appropriate level of information, induction, training and supervision for all your workers. It is up to management to identify those workers who may have language and literacy issues and to put into place risk management procedures to mitigate those risks.


Visual learning and video

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million —

particularly when it comes to safety training.

Much like how hands-on training physically demonstrates the teaching point, linking the learning concepts through a video helps participants see the issues more clearly but with clearly the reduced cost of running training seminars and/or practical demonstrations.


We listen, we advise and we produce

Our team of WHS Consultants come to your workplace and as a part of providing training and consulting services will discuss the best use of video for training and safety videos.

This is obligation free but the key learnings from a powerful medium such as video are unparalleled.

Our teams of WHS consultants works directly with our teams of directors, cinematographers, producers, editors and designers to bring your training and safety videos to life and to ensure a high quality is maintained from start to finish.